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Better Hair & Nails
Grow, strengthen and thicken your hair and nails.
Grow, strengthen and thicken your hair and nails. of Added Biotin takes your hair + nails to a new level.
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Activate your beauty.

Results you can see, feel & show

The 2-in-1 effect of Biosil’s patented ch-OSA® formula supports and activates your body’s natural ability to protect and generate its own collagen, keratin and elastin.

The result? Luminous skin, luscious hair, and seriously strong nails.

We’re not saying it. You are.

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    Tami Arrington - I started biosil on my doctors recommendation. I had my doubts. My skin was paper thin due to blood thinners. It’s getting thicker now. My nails aren’t see through anymore and my hair is getting thicker. I’m not sure yet about the fine lines on my face yet. But it’s only been 30 days since I started.

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    Williams David - I recently checked out BioSil.Beauty and had an avergae experience. I must say that the site is almst good. When it comes to the website navigation, it could be better. However, when it comes to the products, it was ok. Overal it wasn't the worst but it wasn't thw best either. I tihnk they need to be more focus and make some imporovementts in their overall look.

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  • verified

    Suzanne E - My hair is thicker along with my nails. The best part it has helped my joints so much.

    Palmer Phillip - My ordinry experience with was almost good. I am satisified with their serivce and online shoping. Locging onto the site and finding what I need was easy and smooth. Since I got what I wanted and no trouble stared, I was ultimately pleased with the process. The items arrived in a timely manner and in great condition. I recomend and their sevices – they certaily deliverk what they say they will!

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Backed by science

Not just tested—proven

Generate and protect your own collagen with Biosil®. Biosil’s uniquely effective ch-OSA® complex has been tested and proven to work in rigorous double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials.

Smoother, more youthful skin

Skin elasticity


Compared to the placebo group, after 20 weeks of taking Biosil® daily.

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