What Biosil does for your hair

BioSil® is fantastic for your hair. It’s clinically proven to help each strand of hair grow stronger and thicker. How? Because BioSil®’s active ingredient ch-OSA® activates and protects the collagen-producing cells in your body. And this improves nutrient flow to the roots of your hair and enlarges the root itself. It also helps bind the keratin fibers in each strand, which in everyday words means that it reduces fraying and split ends.

Your hair consists of 97% keratin, but it grows from collagen-based tissue in your skin. After the age of 21, collagen levels start to decrease, and pretty quickly too! Low collagen in the scalp deteriorates the root and results in thinner, weaker hair that breaks more easily. Taking BioSil® protects and replenishes your collagen. The result? Thicker, healthier, more luscious hair.

Fuller hair

BioSil® is clinically proven to thicken each individual strand of hair, which results in more overall volume.

Stronger hair

BioSil® is proven to fortify your hair’s elasticity, which helps it resist damage from aging, styling, and environmental factors.

Healthy shine

BioSil®'s patented ch-OSA® complex binds the hair's keratin proteins together as the strand grows.