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BioSil® is a unique, high-quality supplement that protects and replenishes your own collagen production. Enhance your natural beauty with BioSil®, strengthen your hair, skin & nails. Real results. Clinically proven.

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BioSil®’s active ingredient, ch-OSA®, has a unique 2-in-1 effect, activating your body’s own production of collagen, keratin, and elastin, while simultaneously protecting existing levels of collagen from degradation.

The result? Less wrinkles, radiant skin, luscious hair, and strong nails. Years of clinical trials by American, European and Indian researchers haven't only studied and tested BioSil®—they’ve actually proven that it works.

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BioSil® comes in 3 pack sizes 

BioSil® comes in 3 pack sizes. They have the same active ingredient and offer the same, proven, radiant results. Find your favorite.

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What BioSil® will do for you 

Glowing skin

  • Diminishes fine lines & wrinkles
  • Improves firmness and elasticity
  • Promotes a plump, bright appearance

Luscious hair

  • Thicker, stronger & fuller hair
  • Healthy shine
  • Reduces fraying and split ends

Strong nails

  • Strong, flexible nails
  • Smooth, fast-growing nails
  • Mend & prevent thinning, peeling, and splitting nails

Don’t trust us. Trust the results!

Clinical study utilizing Dermascan® C and Visioface® Technology.

The lines around my eyes began to disappear, and my hair and nails began growing faster and healthier!


After taking BioSil® for 4 months, Jenna improved her wrinkle percentile score by 26%! This contributed to a 2-year decrease in her biological skin age! This resulted in her skin looking 2 years younger.


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    Mary Jane M. - I promptly received an adjustment on my purchased when a coupon code did not take. It seemed like it was only a matter of seconds before the problem was resolved.


    HILDA GALLEGO - I’m taking BioSil Collagen Vegan Liquid Capsules and I’m having noticed my skin more luminous and my friends notice too. It’s easy to make orders. I like to make my orders directly with the website. Fast delivery.

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Taking a collagen supplement alone is not enough! Our bodies break it down into building blocks, but the fibroblasts in our body, as we age, have trouble assembling these building blocks into collagen. But BioSil® can help with that! BioSil® reduces fine lines and wrinkles significantly. Your skin looks and functions better.

a Biosil Story by Dr. Michael Murray ND

As we age, it’s critical to ensure we have enough of this key protein

Collagen—along with hyaluronic acid—forms the “intracellular cement” that literally holds us together. There are several different types of collagen, but type II is by far the most abundant in our bodies, representing 30 percent of total body protein and up to 70 percent of the proteins in our connective tissues.

Aging and Skin Health

As we age, a lot happens in the collagen-rich support structure of the skin (the dermis). First and foremost, the activity of the fibroblasts—the cells responsible for making collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid—slows down. All of these factors ultimately lead to a thinner dermis and structural changes that lead to skin looking old and weathered.

Joint and Bone Health

As we grow older, natural collagen production also slows in our joints and may lead to osteoarthritis. The ligaments and tendons may also weaken. Bone is also rich in collagen. In fact, about 30–40 percent of bone is composed of collagen. (...) If the collagen content is low, the bone becomes more brittle and fracture risk increases dramatically.

Increasing Collagen Content

Collagen supplements can provide the building blocks of collagen manufacture, but the key to increasing collagen levels is to increase the activity of collagen-producing cells. Collagen supplements have shown mixed results in promoting joint health.

One of the most interesting and well-documented approaches to increasing the manufacture of collagen is the use of a highly bioavailable form of choline as ch-OSA® (sold as BioSil®). Initially, research focused on the ability of ch-OSA® to increase the levels of hydroxyproline, the key amino acid required for the production of collagen and elastin. Clinical studies with ch-OSA® showed impressive results in women age 40–65 with signs of sun damage and premature aging of the skin. Those receiving 10 mg of ch-OSA® daily experienced 30 percent improvements in shallow, fine lines and 55 percent increased skin elasticity."


[My nails] were paper thin and broke easily. I learned about BioSil® from a friend whose nails were firm and beautiful and whose hair was super-shiny… After a couple of months, my nails were long and strong again!

a Biosil Story by Maria Marlowe

Despite eating a healthy diet, my nails were weak, brittle, and peeled after years of wearing nail polish and gels. It was frustrating and made me self-conscious. They were paper thin and broke easily. I learned about BioSil® from a friend whose nails were firm and beautiful and whose hair was super-shiny. I asked her secret and she said BioSil®, so I researched it and ordered a bottle immediately. After a couple of months, my nails were long and strong again! They no longer break easily. While I'm a proponent of getting our nutrition from whole foods and minimizing supplements, the results of BioSil® - both in my own experience and their clinical trials - speak for themselves. Now, not only do I take it daily myself, but I also recommend it to my clients who want healthier hair, skin, and nails.

Ever since using BioSil® I've noticed a significant improvement in my nails and hair! I am very impressed with the results and the ease of use!

a Biosil Story by Nycole Hutchens

Ever since using BioSil®, I've noticed a significant improvement in my nails and hair! I've been seeking a solution for the growth and thickness of my hair and nails because my beauty and health are important to me. I noticed my hair was not as thick as it used to be, and my nails were weak and brittle— until I found BioSil®! I tried hair vitamins by several generic brands, but nothing ever seemed to work. After doing general research online, I found out about BioSil®. I first began using BioSil® back in 2010. After 3 weeks of continuous use, my nails were stronger and no longer brittle. After 6 weeks, my hair was thicker and longer by half an inch. My friends and family even noticed a difference in my hair. I am very impressed with the results and the ease of use!