Not just tested—clinically proven

BioSil®'s benefits are clinically proven in unbiased, independent clinical studies conducted by various European, American, British and Indian university researchers. These studies are double-blind, placebo-controlled, and randomized. In other words, using the gold standards of scientific research, international scientists have documented statistically significant and clinically relevant results for hair, skin, nails, joints, and bones.

And that's excellent news because that means that BioSil® is proven to work. These studies were conducted using ch-OSA®, which is the active ingredient of BioSil®. The results cannot and should not be applied to other brands.

Stronger, thicker hair

Women between the ages of 18 and 65 with weak, thinning, or dull hair found improvements after 9 months of taking ch-OSA® daily, compared to the placebo group in a double-blind, randomized German study (Wickett et al.)

Hair strength
Hair thickness
Noticeably smoother, tighter skin

A double-blind, randomized study of women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s with sun-damaged skin, after 5 months of taking ch-OSA® daily, compared to the placebo group (Barel et al.)

Fine lines and wrinkles
Skin elasticity
More comfort and less stiffness in joints

In an osteoarthritis trial, ch-OSA® was found to reduce joint pain, improve physical function, and inhibit cartilage degradation (Geusens et al.)

Knee pain
Knee stiffness