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“As a chef, Biosil is my must-have to prevent premature signs of ageing and joint discomfort.“

- A Biosil Story by Palita Sriratana

Taking Biosil wasn't always about looks. I started taking it in 2014 to help support my back and spine during a physical therapy program. Since then, taking Biosil paired with my core targeted exercises have helped keep my back feeling strong and flexible.  Not only Biosil helped with my back, but also with my nails, hair and skin. As a chef/owner, I work a lot with my hands from chopping, washing, and meeting guests. Prior to Biosil my nails would chip and peel, leaving my fingers feeling raw. Now, I don't have to worry as much as my nails don't break between manicures anymore. These days, during the pandemic, I've shifted to teaching virtual cooking classes where a lot of focus is on my hands. I'm much less self-conscious. My nails, natural and almond-shaped, have become a big part of my brand. In short, my nails make me feel most me. My whole kitchen team knows this too. I find myself feeling really confident and continuously camera ready when my hands are looking good. 

Also, while opening my restaurant, I was concerned that the stress would cause my hair to thin, so continuing to take Biosil was a no brainer. My days are always packed, and I work in a hot environment, so my beauty routine is very low maintenance. From the heat of the kitchen, I felt my skin and cuticles drying out and struggling to retain moisture.  My skin wasn't as supple and fine lines starting to set around my eyes. Now with Biosil, I find that not only is my skin overall plumper in appearance, but my eyebrows and lashes also are thicker, so I don't have to rely on make up as much. I'm not sure how else to put it, but I just feel pretty when my lashes, hair, and skin are on point.

 Overall, Biosil is simply my must-have to prevent premature signs of ageing and joint discomfort.

- Palita Sriratana

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