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“Very impressed with the results and the ease of use."

- A Biosil Story by Nycole Hutchens

Ever since using BioSil I've notice significant improvement in my nails and hair! I’ve been seeking a solution to the growth and thickness in my hair and with my nails because my beauty and health are important to me. I wanted more thickness in my hair and nails because I got to a point where I noticed my hair was not as thick as it used to be, and my nails were weak and brittle until I found Biosil.

I tried hair vitamins by several generic brands, but nothing seemed to ever work.

After doing a general research online regarding, I found out about Biosil! I first began using Biosil back in 2010. I first tried the Biosil liquid drops which I'd use in my juices and smoothies. After 3 weeks of continuous use, I noticed my nails were stronger and no longer brittle. After 6 weeks, my hair was thicker and longer by half an inch. My friends and family even noticed a difference in my hair. I was very impressed with the results and the ease of use! 

- Nycole Hutchens

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