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“It's a fantastic product”

- A Biosil Story by Maria Marlowe

Despite eating a healthy diet, after years of wearing nail polish and gels, my nails were weak, brittle, and peeling. It was frustrating and made me self-conscious. They were paper thin and broke easily. I learned about BioSil from a friend whose nails were long and strong and whose hair was super-shiny. I asked her secret and she said BioSil, so I researched it and ordered a bottle right away. In a matter of a couple of months, my nails were finally long and strong again. They no longer break easily. While I'm a proponent of getting our nutrition from whole foods and minimizing supplements, the results of BioSil - both in my own experience and their clinical trials - speak for themselves. Now, I not only take it daily myself, but I also recommend it to my clients who want healthier hair, skin, and nails.

- Maria Marlowe

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