Why BioSil

Activating beauty from within.

Patented ch-OSA® complex

BioSil®'s active ingredient, ch-OSA®, increases collagen, keratin, and elastin levels in your body.†

2-in-1 effect generates & protects

BioSil®'s two-in-one effect increases collagen levels by activating the pathways that produce collagen, and also by protecting existing collagen from degradation.†

Tried, tested, and proven

Years of clinical trials by American and European researchers haven't just "studied" or "tested" BioSil®, but proven that it works.

Gold standards

Made in Europe, BioSil® is purely vegan and GMO-free.

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What's in it and what's not

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vegan product

What's in it

ch-OSA®, our patented and uniquely effective compound, is the only active ingredient in BioSil®. The two other ingredients are purified water and microcrystalline cellulose (plant fiber).

What's not in it

BioSil® is vegan and GMO-free. It does not contain soy, dairy, egg, corn, wheat, gluten, fish/shellfish, peanuts/nuts/tree nuts, animal-derived ingredients, ingredients from genetically modified organisms, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, or any flavors or sweeteners.

What to expect & when

Start your new BioSil® routine

When you start taking BioSil®, your response time will depend on a variety of factors. You might react more slowly than average, or see the results of replenished collagen levels very quickly—results you can see, feel, and show.†

  • Within 30 minutes

    Immediately, the ch-OSA® complex is released into your blood and absorbed for use by your collagen-producing cells.†

  • All day, every day

    Your cells are triggered to start producing more collagen and elastin for use everywhere in your body.†

  • 1 month

    Faster growing nails are one of the first improvements people say they notice.†

  • 2 MONTHS

    More voluminous, faster-growing, and lustrous hair is commonly reported in the second month.†

  • 3 MONTHS

    Glowing, brighter, more luminous skin can happen within three months for some people, according to reviews.†

  • 3-4 MONTHS

    BioSil® reduces joint discomfort, increases mobility and range of flexibility, and improves cartilage condition after three months, according to a clinical study.†

  • 4-5 MONTHS

    BioSil® significantly improves wrinkles and fine lines, as well as skin elasticity in this timeframe, according to a clinical study.†

  • 4 TO 6 MONTHS

    BioSil® reduces nail brittleness after four months, and reduces vertical lines and roughness after six, according to a clinical study.†

  • 9 MONTHS

    BioSil® strengthens, thickens, and elasticizes hair after nine months, according to a clinical study.†

  • 12 MONTHS

    BioSil® increases bone collagen production, and improves bone density at the hip, according to a clinical study.†

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    Is there an order minimum?

    There’s no order minimum, but choosing the subscription option offers the best price.

    How long will my order take to get here?

    For one-time purchases we offer 2-day shipping. In other words, if you order on Monday, your order arrives on Wednesday.

    As for subscriptions, they'll arrive every 30 or 60 days—whichever you prefer. 

    What are your shipping rates ?

    We're thrilled to offer free 2-day shipping within the Continental USA.

    Is it safe to take BioSil® on an ongoing basis?

    Yes. After more than 25 years and $20 million invested in research & development, studies have shown that there are no safety concerns for BioSil® when taken as directed.

    BioSil® is a complex that contains two nutrients (both standardly found in food) that are required by the body: choline and orthosilicic acid. Because we require orthosilicic acid in order to produce collagen, taking an OSA supplement daily is prudent.

    Once I've started my BioSil® routine, how long should I continue it?

    The human body produces collagen on an ongoing basis throughout our lifespan. Our skin, hair, and all of our tissues aren't built to last 100 years, but to be continually rejuvenated and replenished by the body's natural processes. In order to support these processes, which become less efficient with age, BioSil® supplementation can and should continue accordingly.

    Is BioSil Vegan/Vegetarian friendly?

    Absolutely. BioSil® does not contain any animal-derived products whatsoever.

    How long does it take to see results?
    The studies we base our marketing claims on ran for the following time periods:
    Skin: 20 weeks
    Nails: 20 weeks & 6 months
    Hair: 20 weeks, 6 months & 9 months
    Joints: 12 weeks
    Bones: 1 year
    Generally, people will notice some improvement to their hair, skin, nails and joints within 3 months.
    However, there is significant interpatient variability in response time.
    Standard biochemical individuality factors such as age, diet, genetics, exercise habits and other lifestyle factors will impact response times. As an example, patients with higher levels of compounds known to damage collagen or suppress collagen production such as homocysteine, cortisol, sugar (glycation) and advanced glycation end products and free radicals will often take longer than others. Also, patients with underlying diseases impacting collagen metabolism such as hypothyroidism, anemia or other low iron or iron metabolism issues, and/or autoimmune challenges may take longer to notice results.



Based on 99 reviews

Marina Holden

Nov 27, 2019
To begin with, for a very long time I was looking for information on how to restore hair. After giving birth, literally 2 months later, I began to have intense hair loss. I had a shock to say the least! I cried all day, because I always had beautiful long hair. But .... they became so rare that the length I cut off on the shoulders (I started looking for information on which vitamins I can take. I tried a bunch of everything, it helped only for a while, and then the hair began to fall out again. I want to emphasize, that I gave birth to the first child 12 years ago, and from that time my hair has not been restored. Not so long ago I came across Biosil. I read a lot of information about him and decided to try. The third week has already passed, as I take it in 5 drops, 2 times a day. My happiness has no limits! Hair loss stopped, and it seemed that the hair became denser inside. I will continue to drink. I want to drink it for at least 6 months. The only huge minus is the unpleasant taste of BioSil.

Jorgie Rawlings

Mar 2, 2019
The result was better than expected. I didn’t particularly believe that there would be an effect in a month, but after three weeks my reflection in the mirror began to make me happy. My skin actually became smooth, health and the signs of wintertime skin I normally struggle with in February were less noticeable A month later, I took BioSil again.

Talitha Torres

Apr 2, 2020
Just as some reviews said, this is amazing for strengthening nails. As long as I maintain the correct dose, my nails, which have been soft and easily chipped/splitting for years, have now become like little steel plates. When I forgot to take the BioSil for a few days, they went back to being weak. So the difference it makes is pretty obvious. I haven't noticed a big difference with hair falling out less but maybe that will happen in time!