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Glowing Skin

Generate & protect your own collagen to reduce fine lines & wrinkles.*

Luscious Hair

Get that dreamy mane. Biosil is clinically proven to strengthen and thicken your hair.*

Stronger Nails

Bye-bye, brittle nails. Grow them stronger & longer with Biosil.*

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    Can I take BioSil® with other supplements?

    Yes. There are no known contraindications between BioSil® and any other supplements.

    How long does a bottle of BioSil® last?

    If you take 5 drops twice daily, as we recommend, your bottle of BioSil® liquid drops will last for either 30 days (0.5 fl. oz / 15ml bottle), or 60 days (1.0 fl. oz. / 30ml bottle).

    BioSil® capsules will last 15 days (30 capsule bottle), 30 days (60 capsule bottle), or 60 days (120 capsule bottle) if you take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening.

    BioSil® liquid capsules will last 30 days (60 capsule bottle.)

    How big are BioSil® capsules?

    BioSil®'s liquid capsules are quite little (size 3), significantly smaller than BioSil’s regular capsules (size 0EL).

    Liquid capsules are the perfect option for people who have trouble swallowing larger capsules, but do not want to take liquid BioSil®.

    What is the difference between BioSil® liquid drops, BioSil® capsules and BioSil® liquid capsules? Is one better than the other?

    BioSil® comes in three different forms, but each provide identical results. It's up to you: you might prefer the convenience of a capsule, or enjoy the ritual of adding the drops to fresh water with lemon.

    ch-OSA® forms naturally as a liquid, as you can see in BioSil® liquid drops and BioSil® liquid capsules. BioSil® capsules also contain ch-OSA® liquid, but in micro-droplet form.

    When should I expect results with BioSil?

    1 month: Faster growing nails are one of the first improvements people say they notice.

    2 months: More voluminous, faster-growing, and lustrous hair is commonly reported in the second month.

    3 months: Glowing, brighter, more luminous skin can happen within three months for some people, according to reviews.

    3 months: BioSil reduces joint discomfort, increases mobility and range of flexibility, and improves cartilage condition after three months, according to a clinical study.

    4-5 months: BioSil significantly improves wrinkles and fine lines, as well as skin elasticity in this timeframe, according to a clinical study.

    4-6 months: BioSil reduces nail brittleness after four months, and reduces vertical lines and roughness after six, according to a clinical study.

    9 months: BioSil strengthens, thickens, and elasticizes hair after nine months, according to a clinical study.

    12 months: BioSil increases bone collagen production, and improves bone density at the hip, according to a clinical study.

    Why should I use BioSil?

    BioSil helps your body replenish collagen and elastin, resulting in more youthful-looking and smoother skin, thicker and healthier hair, beautiful and stronger nails, as well as stronger, healthier bones and joints.

    Is BioSil Vegan/Vegetarian friendly?

    Absolutely. BioSil® does not contain any animal-derived products whatsoever.

    What is the difference between the vegan capsule and liquid capsule?
    BioSil Vegan Capsules and BioSil Liquid Capsules will produce the same results because the active complex and its pharmacokinetic properties are identical! The only difference between them is the form they come in.
    Fun fact: The Vegan Capsules are actually made of beadlets containing micro-droplets of the Biosil Drops!