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4.5 out of 5

Marina Holden

Nov 27, 2019
To begin with, for a very long time I was looking for information on how to restore hair. After giving birth, literally 2 months later, I began to have intense hair loss. I had a shock to say the least! I cried all day, because I always had beautiful long hair. But .... they became so rare that the length I cut off on the shoulders (I started looking for information on which vitamins I can take. I tried a bunch of everything, it helped only for a while, and then the hair began to fall out again. I want to emphasize, that I gave birth to the first child 12 years ago, and from that time my hair has not been restored. Not so long ago I came across Biosil. I read a lot of information about him and decided to try. The third week has already passed, as I take it in 5 drops, 2 times a day. My happiness has no limits! Hair loss stopped, and it seemed that the hair became denser inside. I will continue to drink. I want to drink it for at least 6 months. The only huge minus is the unpleasant taste of BioSil.

Jorgie Rawlings

Mar 2, 2019
The result was better than expected. I didn’t particularly believe that there would be an effect in a month, but after three weeks my reflection in the mirror began to make me happy. My skin actually became smooth, health and the signs of wintertime skin I normally struggle with in February were less noticeable A month later, I took BioSil again.

Talitha Torres

Apr 2, 2020
Just as some reviews said, this is amazing for strengthening nails. As long as I maintain the correct dose, my nails, which have been soft and easily chipped/splitting for years, have now become like little steel plates. When I forgot to take the BioSil for a few days, they went back to being weak. So the difference it makes is pretty obvious. I haven't noticed a big difference with hair falling out less but maybe that will happen in time!

Arissa Goodman

Oct 17, 2019
It’s a very interesting fluid, the joints stopped crackling, breathing became easier. On the whole there are feelings of usefulness, I don’t know how the body will behave in the long term of constant intake, but so far it’s excellent.

Amani Marks

Feb 27, 2012
Prior to puberty (many, many, many moons ago) I had medium weight, thick hair; but since then, my hair has continually and gradually thinned. In addition, it has become very fine. A very discouraging situation, with no doctor or anyone else providing a a satisfactory solution. This is the only product that has produced a difference; a clearly visible one, and non-toxic as well. I will definitely continue to use it.

Shona Donnelly

May 12, 2011
I started using this about four months ago to address thinning hair that I've experienced around menopause. I use it in conjunction with evening primrose oil and have seen a positive result. My hair seems healthier and appears thicker. It didn't happen over night, but I'm going to keep using it for a year and see how significant a difference it can make. As a bonus for me, it also improves your nails.

Kelsea Lovell

Jan 4, 2008
My daughter and I have been using this product for 4 months now and we have seen great results as far a hair growth and skin texture goes. We have African American hair. We have seen faster hair growth rate and the texture has improved greatly. Our hair feels more moisturized and silky. We take 10 drops per day in the morning on an empty stomach; this along with Biotin and MSM does it for us. We are very pleased with this product and will continue to reorder.

Shelley Cowan

Mar 24, 2007
A few weeks after I started taking this my small bald spot on my head was gone & now my hair grows faster & thicker than ever before.

Anja Hinton

Aug 20, 2019
Good for hair after birth! I’ve been recommended to use this for my hair after giving birth. Must say that after using it for a month I feel the change.

Aniya Andrew

May 27, 2017
Helpful product.. After giving birth my hair was falling out. Biosil has helped me and now the enormous falling process has stopped

Demi-Lee Cisneros

Sep 10, 2010

Iman Riggs

Aug 29, 2010
Best product ever! This stuff has helped my hair to be stronger and to stop falling out. I am thrilled with this product.

Jayce Mccormack

Jan 21, 2010
Tried for 1 month and had to re-order! My girlfriend loves this stuff. Funny, I'm the one who is seriously losing my hair! She is on her second bottle while I have given up hope. Based on her recommendation, I just might have to try this stuff!

Mara Dowling

Nov 8, 2007
Seems to really work on brittle hair.. Biosil appears to help my daughter's brittle hair condition without the nasty taste of the liquid drops.

Phoebe Moreno

Nov 23, 2019
I bought it when I was breastfeeding. Due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, my hair was not in perfect condition. After a couple of weeks of taking, I began to notice that my hair became healthier and thicker. It stopped falling out in handfuls. I took a couple of bottles (with a break). I bought enough for a very long time. I recommend to buy.

Jemima Ireland

Jun 28, 2019
The effect was not seen immediately, but rather two months after I started taking it. I noticed the effect because I used to dye gray roots once every 1 month + 1-2 weeks, and it took 1-1.5 tubes to dye. Now I dye them every three weeks, and use 2 tubes to dye (economically, of course, not profitable - this is a minus ). So, the hair really became thicker and started to grow faster

Khaleesi Mckay

Feb 19, 2018
All my life I have been unable to grow my hair below the fastening of my bra. I made every effort to this fix this: masks, shampoos "for growth", calcium supplements. Then I ordered BioSil, and my hair just started to grow. Plus my hair thickened. For me, of course, this is fantastic. It doesn't taste good at all. Apple juice is fine.

Ines Chen

Oct 14, 2020
My mother is 55 year old. I ordered BioSil for my mom to help with her thinning hair. BioSil helped after 2 months. She takes it with evening primrose and her hair has stopped falling out. No side effects were observed.

Jemma Byers

Oct 13, 2020
Perfect! Better than other means to improve hair growth. The new hair on my scalp in the places of thinning was vellus and remained so. But after consuming BioSil, full-fledged new hairs began to grow in those places!

Hanan Fields

Sep 4, 2019
Great supplement In the complex treatment of hair. It gives an excellent result, but a long intake is needed. Hair becomes noticeably thicker.

Bella-Rose Velasquez

Mar 5, 2019
Loved very much. Supported my hair after childbirth !!!

Crystal Dodd

Nov 28, 2018
Works! After hormone changes and a lot of stress in a short period of time, my hair began to fall out in scraps. I lost half (maybe more) of my once luxurious hair. After a month of taking Biosil, my hair loss completely stopped. My whole head was covered with a new undercoat. I will continue to take BioSil for three months. I am pleased with the result!

Sophia Snyder

Nov 27, 2018
Delightful for hair! The hair on the head grows very well, a thick undercoat appears! Highly recommend for thick hair!

Brooklyn Pratt

Jun 2, 2018
This product helps stopping hair loss. My hair fell out very strongly after giving birth a second time and because of stress. I will continue to buy more and more. It is expensive, of course, but the effect is worth it. You do not need to waste time on wraps, lotions, etc. I've been taking it for a couple of months, the effect was noticed about a month later. There were no side effects.

Addison Dudley

Mar 6, 2018
Hair Grows! We bought BioSil to help with my wife's hair loss. A whole bunch of hair would remain on the comb after combing . The effect of Biosil was noticeable after about 1.5 months. New fluffy hair began to grow clearly visible on the forehead along the hair line. I recommend the product.

Edie Kaiser

Oct 23, 2020
I am delighted! I've been taking BioSil for a year now, and the wrinkles on my forehead have smoothed out

Lacey-May Kendall

Aug 9, 2020
Great supplement for your skin. Skin has never looked better.

Kirby Southern

Jul 17, 2019
There has been improvement in the appearance of my skin and acne spots. But continuous use is necessary for the effect to remain.

Huma Russell

Jun 27, 2019
At first I didn’t see the result, but I decided to take BioSil for 3 months. Then, even really deep wrinkles smoothed out.

Ashanti Miranda

Dec 30, 2018
Mother's gift. My mom has been taking BioSil for a month, and she really feels younger when people tell her that her skin is brighter. I recommend it, even I see it the difference!!

Hina Terrell

Oct 28, 2018
I ordered BioSil for my wife. She was pleased with the item, and I noticed the difference. After a week of taking BioSil, we saw the result on her face. The skin has become more taut and smooth. It’s too early to talk about hair because you need to take it for a few months. I definitely recommend this product!!!

Eloisa Newman

Jun 23, 2018
An effective remedy for the skin. Usually, in winter, the skin is dry and rough. With BioSil, skin on the face and on the body is pleasant to the touch, soft, smooth, like silk.

Deon Haines

Nov 7, 2017
Delayed effect.. I took BioSil for a month, six months ago. At that time, I did not see any result so I was extremely disappointed. But now I can clearly see that the nasophilic nasophilia and wrinkles on my forehead are clearly less expressed than before the BioSil! I can not impose such pleasant results on any other means. I intend to continue taking it!

Macy Bloggs

Jun 14, 2017
Very good! I finished taking one bottle of 60 capsules. The wrinkles on the side of my nose that I was concerned about become thinner. The color of my skin is brighter and it retains moisture. I will continue to take BioSil like this!

Annabell Tapia

Apr 22, 2017
My skin is plumper than ever. I am 40 years old and skinny, with dry thin skin and on steroid tablets. So I am really struggling to keep my skin looking good. I am doing whatever I can to help my skin. I don't know of it is the expensive lotions, the healthy diet or vitamins I take (probably mix of it all), but since I started taking BioSil, my skin is plumper and looks healthier than ever! People say I look 5-6 years younger than just a few months ago. So I will definitely continue using these.

Shyla O'Ryan

Jan 23, 2017
Yes Yes! And again, yes! I am 31 years old, and changes on my face have been abruptly appearing. The last year I tried all the creams to help for a lot of money. And then I found this wonderful bottle. There is nothing like it! So many benefits!! I have not had such luxurious skin in 20 years!! Mimic wrinkles left my face! These capsules are the solution I have been praying for! My skin is moist and healthy. I'm happy and I'm ordering a third bottle!

Dustin Handley

Nov 15, 2015
Very like! I took 3 bottles and love the results. The results are stunning. My skin is soft, and moisturized. My heel is like a child's. My Mama (55) was shocked by the results. She did not believe me when I told her it was BioSil. The heel cracks are gone and skin problems are gone! It is expensive, but after having tried many other things I am still ordering BioSil again.

Elara Cooper

Nov 22, 2012
BioSil saved my skin! This product helps my skin stay tight and youthful!

Missy Wainwright

May 19, 2012
Good for long-term usage.. Have started taking this product about a year ago (and got my other half onto it about 4 months back). After 2 months my skin elasticity improved (his has now improved as well) and it feels more supple and hydrated. Wrinkles around eyes stopped further development as well.

Jaimee Chavez

Feb 27, 2012
BioSil.. I've been using this for about 3 months, and I've noticed that my face looks smoother and better. This is more noticeable because in winter my skin really takes a hit from the cold and dry air.

Cadence Murray

Jul 28, 2020
A beauty jewel in a tiny capsule. Good effect when working with stretch marks and cellulite. Required

Joey Knapp

Sep 7, 2020
I went to the beautician after taking a bottle of BioSil. I had not been to see her for a very long time because of my pregnancy. But the beautician was wildly surprised by my skin condition. She said it felt like I hadn't missed an appointment! The skin was so dense that it was noticeable when injected. In general, I highly recommend these drops!

Scarlett-Rose Kearns

Jan 11, 2020
After taking BioSil for 2 months, a friend said that the appearance of my skin improved markedly. There was a healthy shine. I noticed that there were less wrinkles under the eyes too. My hands in winter would dry out without cream from the home heating, but now they do not dry so much. They used to peel off and were like sandpaper. It tastes nasty like rotten meat. But when I mix it with juice (I did it with the lemon juice), I don’t taste it at all. I will order enough for a few months.

Rochelle Zimmerman

Dec 24, 2019
After three months of using BioSil, my skin became increasingly more elastic. A month later, facial wrinkles left my forehead. I forgot about it until I remembered to sit down to write a review on this collagen activator. This action cannot be compared with any wrinkle cream because it is more pronounced than any other cream against wrinkles. I also had a problem with a few stretch marks on my hips in the pelvic level after my first child. They were not noticeable then because the skin pulled back and they were not visible. After my second child (nine years later), new stretch marks did not appear. Of course, I was even more afraid of stretch marks after the second child than after the first child. But then another problem appeared, the skin was stretched in the area of old stretch marks. Back in this area, the skin didn’t really want to tighten back as it did the first time. This was partially due to the problem of 5 extra pounds that gave volume and did not allow the skin to stretch. And in this area, stretch marks became visible and the skin was rough in texture. After about 1-1.5 months of taking BioSil, the extra kg did not go away (of course), but the evenness of the skin to the touch became very noticeable. The “scars” were smoothed out. The skin on my whole body tightened!!!

Cherie Rosa

Nov 27, 2019
After 2 months, people around me began to notice that my wrinkles around my eyes disappear. Many thought that I did a skin tightening ... And I realized that it really worked. Well, of course, wrinkles are not completely removed. But still, the result is good. The skin has become firmer and more elastic. Not as thin as papyrus paper ... The liquid tastes too salted, but you can tolerate it. I put it in a spoon and lick it with water. I read that it is better absorbed if dripped directly under the tongue ...

Elana Duran

Jan 4, 2019
Very effective remedy. The other day I ordered three more bottles. At first I was skeptical because I could not believe that it would manage to help a person with such a dry skin like me. But these drops managed! At first my skin was dry like parchment paper, and the masks and creams moistened only the top layer. Then a while after taking these drops, the skin became moisturized from the inside. The effect occurred after about a month of taking BioSil (I am 34 years old, and a nursing mother). The only drawback of these drops is a disgusting taste that even juice and compote does not interrupt. But for the sake of achieving results, you can suffer. As they say, beauty requires sacrifice.

Ayaana Wooten

Dec 3, 2018
Product number 1, the result, as they say, on the face in the truest sense of the word. Wrinkles become less deep

Pooja Ingram

Dec 3, 2018
Loved the result. In fact, after one package you can see how the skin became more elastic, even the beautician noticed the result. Of the minuses, an unpleasant smell.

Orla Wagner

Nov 20, 2018
I grew a bunch of new short hair on my head. In the barber shop, they thought that my hair was cut so strangely, but that was due to new hair growth. This is thanks to BioSil. And you get used to the smell, it no longer seems so bad.

Celyn Bone

Aug 14, 2017
I am 65 years young and have been using Biosil for several months. I started noticing a difference in my skin after about 4 weeks. I have noticed a definite increase in the tautness of my skin, especially on my thighs. Biosil is easy to use; I put 3-4 drops, 2x/day in my water. I feel that it is reasonably-priced as the 30 ml bottle lasts me for a couple of months or more. I like the fact that Biosil helps my body to make its own collagen. I am getting better results with it than with other collagen products I've tried.

Nabeela Chamberlain

May 9, 2017
I have been interested in skincare since I was a child. I am now thirty-five. I also care about anti-aging. I found BioSil 10 months ago, and started taking it because of my age. My wrinkles are really gone. The skin is less wrinkled and firmer. I have no more wrinkles on my skin. The effect is from the BioSil complex. My skin was thin, and BioSil acted as if it was a real filler. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact me. Thank you very much for your help. Thank you.

Jasmine Mcintosh

Jan 22, 2017
I used 2 bottles in a period of 3 months. After 1.5 months, friends who have not seen for a long time said that I looked somehow freshened. Although I did not see any miraculous changes in the mirror. But every year in the winter, (I'm on my third year) I go through a photo rejuvenation course with a cosmetologist. That's where I noticed the changes, and the beautician noticed them too! There have never been such results. The oval of the face was tightened, "the rings of Venus" on the neck were significantly smoothened. I am unspeakably happy. So from my own experience I recommend BioSil. This is what you need.

Daisy-Mae Beech

Aug 4, 2014
My partner had to freeze off some warts but unfortunately was left with some scarring from the blisters. Since taking this every day in water for one and a half months, the scars are almost completely gone. The effects of this product on skin is truly amazing. Highly recommend!

Billie Whittle

Aug 7, 2011
After reading the other reviews I thought I'd give it a go as it's so inexpensive. Have now been using for 2 weeks and already my skin feeling and looking younger - I kid you not!! It's obvious in the mirror and I find my face stays and feels moisturized for longer using the same products I used before taking BioSil - so it has to be this product.

Soraya Mccoy

Oct 9, 2020
Perfectly! I constantly order BioSIl for my friend. They are just wonderful vitamins. He says that his nails are like a stone and they tear less.

Serena Barnett

Jul 7, 2020
I started taking this for my nails and for the first time I can say that I have nice strong nails.

Pollyanna Begum

May 15, 2020
You have to take this product every day for 30 days to start seeing results, but it does appear to strengthen the nails visibly. Works well on peeling, splitting issues

Teddie Roche

Dec 28, 2019
I have an underactive Thyroid & my nails were always breaking. After a few weeks of using BioSil I saw an improvement in by nails. Now I never have a broken or split nail. Love this product!

Eden Mccarthy

Dec 14, 2019
They really work! My nails were dry, had deep ridges, and were paper thin. I started taking these twice a day for a little over 2 months and my nails have improved 100%. I really wasn’t expecting anything and I’m so amazed how smooth they’ve gotten. They are stronger and are getting thicker. I recommend this to anyone that’s on the fence because it’s truly made a difference for me.

Kornelia Frost

Nov 29, 2018
A few years ago, problems with my nails started. My nails broke off, and because of this they could not grow. They came directly off the nail bed. A dermatologist said that this is a degradation of the nail plate and nothing could be done to help. After that, I tried all the most popular nail complexes from pharmacies with zero effect. Then I decided to try Bio Sil and a week after taking it I noticed a significant improvement. My nails grew, which had not happened in probably about 5 years. The stratification has noticeably decreased, although it hasn’t passed completely yet. Now I question how I am going to take it, in courses or constantly? I will experiment. They say that after 50 you can drink all the time (I'm 43 at the moment :-)).

Farrah Weir

Jul 5, 2017
Phenomenal.. I always had very sensitive nails. They grew pretty fast, but broke even faster. I tried literally every nail strengthener to help my splitting nails, but nothing worked. Then I started using BioSil and I couldn't believe the effect it had. After the first month I noticed my nails stopped breaking almost entirely, they were stronger and more flexible. I have been taking it regularly for the past four months and my nails are absolutely beautiful. Long and strong, no more breakage and splitting. I could not be more satisfied with the results. I think I am going to continue taking BioSil FOREVER. :D

Gillian Delaney

May 20, 2017
Perfect for weak nails.. I drank a bottle for a trial, and what was noticeably different was my nails. Until now, nails were easy to break because of gel nails, so I was in trouble. Even though I tried nail cream and nail essence, I was able to return to healthy nails with this one and I was impressed.

Ellise Fountain

Jan 21, 2017
Fulfilled its claim. My fingernails were fragile and peeling. I had to wear nail polish every day to protect them. I started using BioSil in October and gave it a few months, while my nails grew out. By New Years my nails were resilient and healthy. I can skip the nail polish without breaking or snagging nails. I will continue to invest in this product.

Tia Regan

Jul 26, 2011
BioSil.. love it, my nails have never grown so long or been so strong!

Eileen Lugo

Sep 14, 2010
I find that BioSil works for me very well. My nails have finally started to grow after 5 years of trying everything on the market. I would highly recommend it to anyone having problems with the fingernails.

Avneet Pearson

Jul 3, 2010
This stuff really works.. Improves nails!

Chloe Milner

Aug 19, 2009

Danniella Kirk

Jun 9, 2009
Makes a difference.. My nails are much stronger. I love it that they don't break and are all the same length. Haven't taken it long enough to see collagen and hair strengthening results. I stopped taking in the past and my nails started weakening so I will continue to take this product.

Brittney Buckner

Apr 16, 2008
Strong nails.. This works! My nails no longer chip and break

Sidra Whittington

Dec 30, 2008
Nails looking better.. Have been taking this for the last few months and my nails no longer have vertical ridges. I'm now giving it to my husband to see if it will help his nails. Will keep you posted.

Simone Patrick

Apr 14, 2020
If I miss one day taking this supplement my fingernails will break off or peel off to the quick. I have very thin nails). Can't do without it and have any nails

Aaliya Guy

Sep 9, 2018
Nails noticeably strengthen and thicken and the question of acrylic or gel disappears.

Hilary Richards

Jul 2, 2016
Super-RESULT...Nails, after a month of eating this product, stunned me: long, strong, smooth! Saw, as recommended: 5 drops twice a day before meals. I dripped into the water (about two teaspoons of water). During the same period I used collagen (fish) in the morning.

Sammy Mccabe

Apr 7, 2015
I have taken BioSil for 3 weeks and my nails have become much harder! They used to break off and I could not manage to grow them. It is amazing to note that taking just 4 drops 2 times a day, you can achieve this result. I do not notice any special changes in my hair and skin.

Sabrina Kirkland

Aug 18, 2012
I recommend this tool. After the first bottle specific results were not noticeable. and only to the middle of the second it became clear. The nails become stronger, thicker, smoother and no longer stratify. They began to grow rapidly and do not break. even nail became worn for a long time! :) Wrinkles also gradually smoothed.

Florence Greer

Aug 7, 2011
My nails are invincible and I garden and teach - both hard on nails...will know next year if it's helping my bones...I hope so!

Hollie Cuevas

Feb 10, 2010
My nails started growing faster and became stronger just after few weeks! Best taken with juice because of funny taste.

Mariya Blackmore

Aug 4, 2009
I had been using BioSil for quite awhile and noticed my fingernails were very strong. I stopped using it for a few months and my fingernails became noticeably weaker. So, I am now using it again regularly and my fingernails are again strong. This really works!

Xanthe Rees

Dec 26, 2007
I am a classical guitarist, 54 years old. As I have aged my fingernails have begun to get splits and ridges. This product seems to increase the thickness of the and strength of the nail. Because of the slow growth of nails, it took several months before I could begin to see a difference. I have been taking this product in this form for about three years with no ill effects

Bethaney Sutton

Oct 31, 2007
I have weak nails and this drop formula has caused my nails to grow stronger; I use it everyday. While a topical nail coat strengthens temporarily, this actually fixes the problem from the inside out. Just add the drops to juice daily because in water alone they are slightly bitter.

Casey Jefferson

Oct 10, 2020
Who wants to be young at the cellular level? BioSil saturates the body with bioavailable silicon. I have been drinking for the third month to improve my bone health.

Taslima Harrell

Sep 5, 2016
Support Bone.. Feel a bit better

Evie-Mai Stevens

Sep 2, 2008
A great way to get to silicon- and strong bones.. I find these very convenient to take. I'm sure that my bones will benefit.

Kiki Meadows

Jun 5, 2008
Excellent for overall tissue health.. I started using this years ago under the Jarrow label while recovering from a broken leg. I would not go without it now. I believe it to be beneficial to overall tissue health. I am a 55-year-old male and I think that this product is helping me to feel and look younger.

Hania Vazquez

Jul 4, 2016
After a year of trying different combinations to heal my *crushed back, adding this really made a huge difference. I add it to my Now Foods Calcium Magnesium supplements at night. Started out with the BioSil ch-OSA Advanced Collagen Generator with Now Foods Proline in the morning. I could feel it working/healing which led me to trying all of Natural Factors BioSil products. I also take the BioSil Bone Collagenizer with Calcium after lunch. These are the only products where I can literally feel the difference from day to day. *someone bear hugged me way too hard

Tea Vance

Jul 20, 2011
This is the 2nd lot I have ordered. And my last bone density test showed that bones had improved a bit. Am sure it is due to taking BioSil

Roxy Charles

Jan 18, 2009
I am hoping that taking 6 drops/day of this bioactive form of silicon will help my bones. I take it with soymilk or juice. Taking it straight or with water is not recommended due to the strong fishy taste.

Annette Molloy

Oct 23, 2020
Perfectly! Natural collagen generator. BioSil is a natural generator of our own collagen. My hip joint creaked when I walked. After taking, and I took it for 6 months, the squeak in the hip joint passed.

Kiah Leal

Jul 23, 2019
Excellent product! After one bottle, I can say that my hip feels much better (which really used to hurt after long walks). A huge improvement! Although, I don't see a change in my hair yet…

Judy Middleton

Nov 24, 2018
I have been taking BioSil for a month now. Usually every year in November, the joints of my fingers begin to ache (this is professional: arthritis of the joints of the index and thumb fingers). But this year my hands feel much better! I am very pleased with the remedy.

Evie-Grace Beach

Nov 23, 2012
It helped my mother's joints! Bought it for my mother, and she when finished the bottle her joints felt much better. I think this is a good indicator of BioSil's effectiveness!

Noa Burnett

Jan 25, 2011
Love this supplement.. I've been taking this as directed for several months now and have seen a remarkable improvement in my knees. I'm a runner and have had some knee issues in the past. I truly believe this collagen generator is effective.

Anais Wolf

Aug 19, 2010
Helped make my ligaments stronger! I was having 3 yrs. of problems with my sacroiliac joint not holding in my back due to stretched ligaments from years of misalignment. After taking this product for a month, it was the first time in 3 yrs., my chiropractor said my adjustment actually held!!! I am feeling stronger.

Naya Haley

Sep 9, 2008
Since I started taking this supplement my knees feel great! What more can I say, I'm a big fan.

Aislinn House

May 4, 2020
Very good! after taking BioSil for 3 months, my knee feels great

Maaria Thompson

Aug 25, 2018
Excellent product! My shoulder joint feels a lot better!

Samia Wilkerson

Dec 12, 2015
I'm 35 and it's effective for my joints. When I was 20 years old, I injured my knee during training. Could have continued squatting, but it was difficult. When I was skiing on the mountain, the second day of skiing would be challenging. After 2 weeks of taking BioSil, my knees became like greased hinges. I'm squatting light! My mom also noticed relief. I recommend it!

Rose Mustafa

Aug 27, 2013
OMG!! I love this stuff, and notice when I don't put it in my recovery drink daily. The difference without it is that I am achy all over. With it I have no aches!! 6 drops daily in the post recovery drink and whalaaa... I am back to training next day recovered from past workout. I train, 10-12 hours per week plus a bike ride and a 3-5 mile run over the weekend!

Aditi Langley

Oct 29, 2007
This has made a huge difference. No more joint popping. My knuckles don't pop very easily even when I attempt to do it purposely. I feel "lubed" and have noticed increased strength in my knee and other joints. There are no problems since started taking even with lifting weights and cardio. It is one of the top 5 things in my health arsenal.