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BioSil® stimulates collagen production in your skin

Collagen is generated in a series of complex steps, each requiring a different enzyme. As we age, these enzymes become less efficient. BioSil® activates, supports and protects these enzymes.†

Think of it like this: if the collagen in your skin is the silk cloth in a dress, then amino acids are the raw silk fibers, and enzymes are the silkworms. BioSil® is the mulberry leaf that nourishes the silkworm.†

While we can't increase the amount of collagen or elastin we have in the moment (especially not by eating it), we can protect our collagen from common, serious damage, and support the processes that will continue to regenerate and rejuvenate our skin in the future.†

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Noticeable results in 3-5 months

A number of clinical trials have proven BioSil®'s benefits for skin, especially the face. It's proven to significantly improve wrinkles and fine lines, as well as skin elasticity, in twenty weeks. And people who take BioSil® report glowing, luminous skin even earlier.†

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Just eating collagen can't help you make collagen

It's crucial to understand how the body produces collagen. All animals make collagen protein from scratch, by stringing single amino acids into sequence, as determined by your DNA.

Daily skin damage adds up

If you've ever washed your hands, slathered on alcoholic hand sanitizer or concealer, gone for a walk in the winter, taken a nap in the sun, taken a swim in the pool, had a glass of wine, forgotten to wash your face, or turn on your humidifier, then you should give some extra credit to your skin. Because it's affected by everything we do, and we do a lot that isn't very good for it.†

BioSil® is your
best defence

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