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BioSil® activates and protects collagen

BioSil®'s unique, patented ch-OSA® complex is proven to trigger the production of new collagen and elastin, while also protecting existing collagen from degradation. This has measurable, visible results, which you can feel, see, and show.†

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Results in twenty weeks

A clinical trial found that after twenty weeks of taking BioSil® twice daily, women measured an average of 30% shallower wrinkles than the women who took a placebo.†

The control group's wrinkles and fine lines became 11% more severe and deep over twenty weeks, while the BioSil® group's wrinkles and fine lines were measured to improve by 19%. In other words, BioSil® provided 11% prevention, and 19% reversal of fine lines and wrinkles.†

Meanwhile, other studies have found that BioSil® offers significant benefits for fine and thinning hair; weak, rough nails; joint discomfort; and bone density.†

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How do lines and wrinkles form?

Youthful skin is a rich, intricate matrix of collagen fibers. But at age 21 the body's natural collagen production slows down, and the effects of chronic environmental factors like sun damage and pollution mean we lose an average of 1% of our collagen every year.†

With less collagen, skin becomes thinner, duller, and dryer. The matrix of collagen fibers deteriorates, and the natural fine lines in our skin become fewer, wider, and deeper, eventually forming wrinkles.

BioSil® is your
best defence

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