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BioSil® is proven to improve nail strength

BioSil®'s patented ch-OSA® complex strengthens nails in four complementary ways:

  • increasing collagen levels in the nailbed so nails can grow thicker;†

  • improving blood flow under the nail plate, which provides more nutrients;†

  • producing l-proline, a crucial amino acid used in building keratin;†

  • binding keratin fibers together to prevent peeling and breakage.†

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Results in as little as one month

Healthier nails are often the first thing people notice when they start taking BioSil®, in fact many people tell us they notice a difference within a month.†

Meanwhile, in clinical trials, BioSil® has been found to significantly improve nail strength after twenty weeks (Barel et al.). A second study found that 100% of women taking BioSil® saw measurable improvement (i.e., "completely improved" or "much improved") in nail strength and smoothness after six months.†

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How strong nails grow

The nailbed where keratin grows is collagen-based tissue called the luna: it's the half-moon shape at the base of each nail. The size of the luna determines the shape and thickness of each nail. The cells there produce keratin fibers that are pushed outward along the nail bed. Producing more keratin produces thicker, healthier nails that are less likely to be damaged.†

Nails are sensitive to age, diet, and lifestyle

One in five people have brittle nails. Diet and lifestyle are often reflected in your nails. Plus, normal exposure to water, soap, alcohol, disinfectants, and acetone also damages nails. This all gets worse with age, when overall collagen levels decline. For instance, 40% of postmenopausal women have weak, thin nails. This is because declining collagen results in a smaller luna. This means your nailbeds produce less keratin, meaning thinner nails that often develop vertical ridges that can split or crack.†

BioSil®'s patented ch-OSA® complex activates collagen production, and is clinically proven to help your nails grow stronger and smoother.†

BioSil® is your
best defence

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