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BioSil® delivers nutrients your hair needs to protect itself

Growing stronger hair requires the right nutrients. BioSil®'s patented ch-OSA® complex is clinically proven to both strengthen and thicken hair. When you increase collagen production, your hair receives more nutrients at the root, where it grows. You hair grows with stronger keratin bonds from the start, making it more resistant to breakage and damage.†

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Clinically proven results

BioSil® is clinically proven to increase the diameter of hair shafts by 12.8% over nine months, as well as improve hair strength by 13.1% and elasticity by 7.3% (Wickett et al.). Other studies have found that BioSil® offers significant benefits: for fine lines and wrinkles; weak, rough nails; joint discomfort; and bone density.†

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What causes split ends?

To put it technically, split ends are caused by mechanical, chemical, or thermal stress. Overstyling, colouring, UV rays, and poor nutrition can all contribute to the hair shaft fraying at the tip. Also known as trichoptilosis or schizotrichia, split ends interfere with styling, manageability, and make it especially difficult to grow your hair out longer.

Each hair follicle is made up of three layers: the protective outer cuticle, made of overlapping keratin scales; the inner cortex, which is where coiled keratin protein fibers define strength and elasticity; and the inner medulla. If the cuticle is damaged, the cortex can begin to unravel and fray. This means split ends often go hand-in-hand with dull, brittle, dead-looking hair.

BioSil® is your
best defence

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