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BioSil® is proven to make hair stronger, and more break-resistant

BioSil®'s patented ch-OSA® complex delivers the nutrients that allow your hair to grow stronger from the root. The orthosilicic acid in ch-OSA® is directly incorporated into the hair cortex, where it helps keratin proteins bind together. It also activates the production of vital amino acids that make up each strand of hair.†

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Clinically proven results

BioSil® is clinically proven to improve hair strength by 13.1% and elasticity by 7.3% (Wickett et al.). In the same study, researchers measured an increase in hair's thickness of 12.8%. Other studies have found that BioSil® offers significant benefits: for fine lines and wrinkles; weak, rough nails; joint discomfort; and bone density.†

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Healthy hair is incredibly elastic

Hair is 97% keratin, a protein that's responsible for your hair's thickness and strength. Thickness depends on how much keratin the root produces. Strength depends on the quality of the bonds between the keratin proteins within the hair's cortex, and how well they resist stress.†

Your hair's strength is best measured by its elasticity: that is, its ability to return to its original shape after stress or strain. Together, a thousand human hairs could withstand an entire ton of pulling force before breaking. But hair can be visibly damaged even before it breaks. Keratin fibers inside the hair uncoil when stretched, and can extend safely by about 5%, before suddenly unspooling an additional 30%. Past this point, the damage to the hair protein becomes permanent, leaving hair unmanageable and dead-looking.†

By sparking increased collagen and elastin production at the root of each hair, BioSil® helps you grow stronger, more elastic, healthier hair from the start.†

Strengthen and prevent weak, brittle hair

Colouring, bleaching, perming, straightening, blow-drying, or curling your hair can all damage its strength. Washing it too often or with aggressive shampoos may also affect it. Poor nutrition, too much sun, too much swimming in the sea, hormonal changes like menopause, pregnancy, hypothyroidism, or birth control pills: also potential contributors. If you use corticosteroids, or have low iron levels, you might be weakening your hair. Poor sleep, chronic stress, and aging are also factors.†

The list of threats to your hair's health is long. It's not always possible—or desirable—to avoid health and environmental damage. And never styling your hair again isn't going to happen, either. Strengthening each hair follicle from within is the best solution for long-term hair health.†

BioSil® is your
best defence

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