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Biosil results on a timeline

Healthier hair in 2-9 months

We’re all beautifully unique. So when you start taking Biosil, your response time will depend on a variety of factors. You might react more slowly than average, or see the results of replenished collagen levels very quickly. Either way, stick to it and you will get results you can see, feel, and show.*


    Immediately, the ch-OSA complex is released into your blood and absorbed for use by your collagen-producing cells.* From now on, as long as you keep taking Biosil, your cells are triggered to start producing more collagen and elastin for use everywhere in your body.*

  • 1 MONTH

  • 2 MONTHS

    More voluminous, faster-growing, and shining hair is a widespread result in the second month.*

  • 3 MONTHS

  • 3-4 MONTHS

  • 4-5 MONTHS

  • 4 TO 6 MONTHS

    At this point, you've shared that you can see, feel & show your glow. Your self-esteem gets a boost, and you radiate with the confidence of knowing you're taking care of your natural beauty. After the initial 90 days, when the first results become visible, you report feeling better in your skin, getting compliments from your surroundings about your appearance, feeling positive about our product, and having settled into the groove of your daily self-care ritual. Ride the wave of your newfound inner glow and confidence, and keep supporting your natural ability to generate & protect your collagen!

  • 9 MONTHS

    Way to stick to it! According to a clinical study, Biosil offers peak results at nine months for stronger, thicker, and more elasticized hair.*

  • 12 MONTHS

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    Can I take BioSil® with other supplements?

    Yes. There are no known contraindications between BioSil® and any other supplements.

    How is BioSil® different than products that contain collagen?

    BioSil® is not made from collagen, it generates collagen. When you ingest collagen your body breaks it down and digests it as food. Your body views collagen supplements like any other protein-rich meal: meat, seafood, poultry. In this way, many collagen supplements aren't very different from drinking a protein shake.

    BioSil®, by contrast, turns on your body’s collagen-producing cells. In your skin, these cells are called fibroblasts. In bone, they’re called osteoblasts. When your fibroblasts and osteoblasts begin to slow down with age, collagen production diminishes. BioSil® has been clinically proven to increase collagen formation by supporting these cells, and helping them operate at full capacity. What’s more, BioSil® protects the newly formed collagen, as well as your existing collagen, from damage.

    What are some specific ways BioSil® can help hair?

    BioSil® is clinically proven to help hair in several ways:

    • Thicker hair: BioSil® is clinically proven to thicken each individual strand of hair, which results in more volume overall.
    • Stronger hair: Your hair's strength comes from elasticity, which helps it resist damage from aging, styling, and environmental factors.  

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    When should I expect results with BioSil?

    1 month: Faster growing nails are one of the first improvements people say they notice.

    2 months: More voluminous, faster-growing, and lustrous hair is commonly reported in the second month.

    3 months: Glowing, brighter, more luminous skin can happen within three months for some people, according to reviews.

    3 months: BioSil reduces joint discomfort, increases mobility and range of flexibility, and improves cartilage condition after three months, according to a clinical study.

    4-5 months: BioSil significantly improves wrinkles and fine lines, as well as skin elasticity in this timeframe, according to a clinical study.

    4-6 months: BioSil reduces nail brittleness after four months, and reduces vertical lines and roughness after six, according to a clinical study.

    9 months: BioSil strengthens, thickens, and elasticizes hair after nine months, according to a clinical study.

    12 months: BioSil increases bone collagen production, and improves bone density at the hip, according to a clinical study.

    Does BioSil® work for men and women?

    Yes. The biological processes Biosil® supports are identical in women and men. Biosil® generates and protects collagen, elastin, and keratin—it has absolutely no impact on sex hormones.   

    Is BioSil Vegan/Vegetarian friendly?

    Absolutely. BioSil® does not contain any animal-derived products whatsoever.

    How does BioSil help hair in 3 ways?
    There are 3 ways that BioSil is able to help strengthen hair:
    1/ ch-OSA increases the size of hair formation sites (dermal papilla). A larger dermal papilla creates thicker hair.
    2/ by increasing collagen in the dermis around the dermal papilla and in blood vessels, ch-OSA can increase the blood flow to the hair, ensuring an abundant supply of growth-rich nutrients to the hair.
    3/ ch-OSA stimulates the production and quality of keratin, the protein that makes up 97% of our hair.
    BioSil hair claims are based on the Wicket Hair study and the Barel Skin/Hair/Nail study.
    How does ch-OSA® work?

    First, ch-OSA® triggers the production of new collagen, keratin, and elastin.

    Many collagen supplements are made of ground livestock (hooves, hide, scales, bones, and other meat byproducts), but even the plant-based or protein peptide supplements rely on the idea that you can increase your collagen levels by eating enough of it. However, when you eat collagen your body treats it like any other protein: it breaks it down and digests it as food. Instead of eating foreign, non-human collagen, taking ch-OSA® activates your own cells to produce fresh collagen, elastin, and keratin.

    Secondly, ch-OSA® also protects your existing collagen, keratin, and elastin from degradation.

    The choline in ch-OSA® is proven to neutralize homocysteine and regulate cortisol, two "anti-collagens" which destroy existing collagen and suppress new production. In this way, ch-OSA® protects existing elasticity and strength in your hair, skin, nails and bones.

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