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A medical microbiologist at the University of Antwerp discovered that choline is the ideal partner for stabilizing orthosilicic acid for optimal biological activity in the human body.


Bio Minerals NV was founded to develop choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA®) for use in dietary supplements, and further explore the potential health benefits of the complex.


BioSil® vegan drops were launched in health food stores across the USA.


BioSil® launched a second form, vegan capsules, and also expanded into Canada.


European university researchers (Barel et al) published a study investigating BioSil®. This was the first-ever double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study showing that a dietary supplement could improve skin, hair, and nails.†


A second team of independent researchers (Wickett et al.) found that BioSil® supplementation significantly improves hair strength, thickness, and elasticity.†


Another study (Spector et al.) concluded that BioSil® supplementation increases bone collagen production and increases bone mineral density at the hip.

BioSil® also won the 2008 Best of Beauty award from Better Nutrition. This is the first of many (16 and counting) awards that BioSil® has won in the industry and press.


BioSil® launched in Latin America.


Researchers (Geusens et al.) showed that BioSil® improves knee function and reduces joint discomfort in men.†


Bio Minerals expanded our manufacturing capacities with a new FDA-inspected solar-powered cGMP-compliant manufacturing facility. This is the only facility in the world that makes ch-OSA®.

BioSil®'s third form, vegan liquid capsules, launched in health food stores across the USA.

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Our Vision

We believe in results

At Bio Minerals NV, we want to create the world's most effective anti-aging supplement. We see results in the lab, validate results in human clinical trials, and you see results in real life.

We're scientists.

Bio Minerals NV is, at our core, a research and development company. We spend our time investigating new molecules and complexes, and investing in pre-clinical and clinical trials.

We're guided by our customers.

The people who use BioSil® are the ones who inspire our research and innovation. Customer feedback is what helps us develop new galenics, formulations, and indications.

We're a cGMP production company.

Bio Minerals is one of a very small number of dietary supplement companies that manufacture all of our active ingredients and products in-house. That means we control all aspects of production and can offer complete assurance of the highest quality.

We take care of our community.

Bio Minerals is the largest employer in our hometown of Destelbergen, Belgium. We've implemented solar power, water conservation, and youth mentorship initiatives at our facilities. To help meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we manufactured and distributed hand sanitizer to our local schools, fire stations, and hospitals.


We work with internationally renowned universities and specialized private labs to research new directions for our products.


Our expert analysts check raw materials and outgoing product for purity and potency. We validate our manufacturing practices (cGMP) with our laboratory practices (cGLP) all down the line.

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Partner with us

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