ch-OSA® is a complex of two components

ch-OSA® is a complex of two components:

  • orthosilicic acid (OSA): the biologically active form of silicon

  • choline (ch): an essential nutrient that neutralizes collagen-destroying homocysteine and helps regulate cortisol

When combined in ch-OSA® together, these two components stabilize each other for optimal absorption into collagen-producing cells.†

Imagine your skin is a silk dress: lustrous, soft, supple, and strong. Silk is a woven fabric of thousands of threads, not unlike the collagen matrix in your skin. Individual collagen fibers in your skin are similar to the raw threads of silk. The silkworms that spin the silk are like the enzymes that form the collagen. And ch-OSA®—the patented active ingredient in BioSil®—is like the mulberry leaf that nourishes the silkworms.

The history of the ch-OSA® complex

Twenty-five years of research and development

ch-OSA® was discovered in the early 1990s at the University of Antwerp by a Belgian medical microbiologist. Twenty-five years and $17 million later, researchers have not just tested but clinically proven ch-OSA®'s health benefits, while also optimizing its delivery and absorption into the body's cells.†

Finding the ideal partner

Before ch-OSA®, researchers had trouble studying the effects of silicon in the body. Depending on age and diet, people absorb silicon at tremendously different rates. Orthosilicic acid—which is the form of silicon the body uses, and is commonly found in mineral water—was also difficult to pinpoint, because it's so easily destabilized by other molecules. Even the process of bottling mineral water can render OSA completely ineffective.

Researchers needed an ideal partner nutrient to stabilize OSA in order to study its effects on skin, hair, and bone health. After extensive testing, they landed on choline, a vital nutrient similar to B vitamins. Choline is naturally produced in the body, and has the added benefit of neutralizing homocysteine and regulating cortisol, both of which actively destroy collagen. Choline also locates and locks on to the fibroblasts that produce collagen, which makes it the perfect transportation agent for bioavailable orthosilicic acid.†

Meanwhile, researchers noticed that the ch-OSA® complex itself offers unexpected benefits that don't come from choline or OSA alone, but from the complex itself.

Proof from outside experts

Many supplement manufacturers make grand claims about their health and beauty products, but not all of those claims have been verified, much less proven by international standards.

To test ch-OSA®, American and European dermatology and bone health researchers have undertaken years of clinical trials. The results of these double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled studies have been peer-reviewed and published in leading medical journals around the world.

Clinical trials show that ch-OSA® has significant benefits for hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints

Noticeably smoother, tighter skin

A double-blind, randomized study of women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s with sun-damaged skin found their fine lines and wrinkles reduced by 30% and skin elasticity improved by 89% after twenty weeks of taking ch-OSA® daily, compared to the placebo group† (Barel et al.)

Stronger, thicker hair

Women between the ages of 18 and 65 with weak, thinning, or dull hair found improvements after thirty-six weeks. Hair strength increased by 13.1% and hair thickness increased by 12.8%, compared to the placebo group in a double-blind, randomized German study† (Wickett et al.)

Stronger, less brittle nails

After twenty weeks of taking ch-OSA® daily, women found their nails to be significantly less brittle, compared to the placebo group† (Barel et al.)

Denser bones with increased collagen production

In a double-blind randomized study, ch-OSA® was found to increase collagen formation in bones by 15%, while bone density increased by 2% at the hip† (Spector et al.)

Less discomfort and stiffness in joints

In an osteoarthritis trial, ch-OSA® was found to reduce joint discomfort, improve physical function, and inhibit cartilage degradation† (Geusens et al.)

How is ch-OSA® different?

You're right to be discriminating, even skeptical, about the claims beauty and health products make. These are the facts we stand behind.

Generate collagen

Many collagen supplements are made of ground livestock (hooves, hide, scales, bones, and other meat byproducts), but even the plant-based or protein peptide supplements rely on the idea that you can increase your collagen levels by eating enough of it. However, when you eat collagen your body treats it like any other protein: it breaks it down and digests it as food.

Instead of eating foreign, non-human collagen, taking ch-OSA® activates your own cells to produce fresh collagen, elastin, and keratin.†

Protect the collagen you have

The choline in ch-OSA® is proven to neutralize homocysteine and regulate cortisol, two "anti-collagens" which destroy existing collagen and suppress new production. ch-OSA® protects existing elasticity and strength in your hair, skin, nails and bones.†

ch-OSA® is made of two natural substances

Both choline and OSA are naturally occurring substances that your body makes and uses in its everyday processes.

BioSil® is also vegan and GMO-free, meaning there is no risk of ingesting the heavy metals and other toxins that are potentially present in foreign collagen.

Not just studied or tested, but clinically proven

When advertisers claim that a product has been "clinically studied" it can be misleading. Just because a product has been studied doesn't mean the results were positive: they may have been inconclusive or even negative.

BioSil®'s clinical studies are subject to the gold standards of clinical science: double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trials. This ensures significant, meaningful results on real timelines.

Look for the original ch-OSA® stamp

BioSil® is the only product on the market that contains ch-OSA®. However, knock-offs abound. Look for the gold ch-OSA® stamp on the packaging: it's the only way to ensure you're buying the real, clinically proven product.

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