How BioSil® helps

Stronger, break-resistant nails

Collagen is necessary to build keratin, which is why BioSil® is clinically proven to increase nail strength.†

Smooth, glossy nails

Rough, vertical ridges—not to mention splits and cracks—form when your nailbeds aren't making enough keratin.†

Healthy, fast-growing nails

When people start taking BioSil®, fast-growing nails are often the first benefit they notice.†

What to expect & when

Stronger nails within 1-6 months

When you start taking BioSil®, your response time will depend on a variety of factors. You might react more slowly than average, or see the results of replenished collagen levels very quickly—results you can see, feel, and show.†

  • Within 30 minutes

    Immediately, the ch-OSA® complex is released into your blood and absorbed for use by your collagen-producing cells.†

  • All day, every day

    Your cells are triggered to start producing more collagen and elastin for use everywhere in your body.†

  • 1 month

    Faster growing nails are one of the first improvements people say they notice.†

  • 2 MONTHS

  • 3 MONTHS

  • 3-4 MONTHS

  • 4-5 MONTHS

  • 4 TO 6 MONTHS

    BioSil® reduces nail brittleness after four months, and reduces vertical lines and roughness after six, according to a clinical study.†

  • 9 MONTHS

  • 12 MONTHS

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