BioSil® helps nails grow

BioSil® has four different mechanisms for growing stronger nails, but two in particular cause faster growth.

First, some of the collagen that BioSil® produces revitalizes the blood vessels that deliver nutrients to the nailbed. This means that not only are the keratin formation cells bigger and healthier, they are also receiving more nutrients, faster.

Secondly, BioSil® activates the enzyme that produces l-proline, an amino acid that makes up about 6-9% of keratin, which itself makes up the majority of every nail.

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More nutrients combined with more efficient production means that in as little as one month you could be feeling and seeing a major difference in your nails.†

Natural nails need strength to grow

Nails grow from the base, and they are even more sensitive to lifestyle and dietary factors than your hair or your skin. The half-moon-shaped white area on each nail, called the luna, is where active collagen-based tissue produces keratin. Like the keratin in your hair, nail keratin isn't living tissue, and can't repair or protect itself.†

Growing new, healthy keratin is the only way to strengthen your nails. However, nails grow slowly, and achieving smoother, stronger, longer nails can take a lot of patience.†

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