BioSil® thickens hair from the root

BioSil® thickens hair by increasing your collagen levels, which has two major effects.†

First, collagen increases the width and volume of each root, which increases the width of the hair shaft.†

Second, collagen increases the flow of nutrient-rich blood through the scalp, which supports keratin production.†

Meanwhile, BioSil®'s ch-OSA® complex activates the production of several crucial amino acids used in building keratin.†

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Clinically proven results

BioSil® is clinically proven to increase the diameter of hair shafts by 12.8% over nine months as well as improve hair strength by 13.1% and elasticity by 7.3% (Wickett et al.). Other studies have found that BioSil® offers significant benefits: for fine lines and wrinkles; weak, rough nails; joint discomfort; and bone density.†

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Hair thins with age, and environment

Keratin production peaks at age 21. By 78, the average person's hair has thinned by 22% (Duvel et al.). Researchers measuring the diameter of individual hair shafts have found that age-related collagen loss shrinks the width of the dermal papillae, causing thinner strands. This trend accelerates around the age of 40, and gets worse with menopause, when estrogen levels dip.†

Other factors that can lead to thinner hair strands include stress, poor nutrition, hormone changes, and environmental damage. For instance, chemical treatments like perms can reduce hair thickness by as much as 60%.

How does healthy hair grow?

Your DNA determines the number of hair follicles on your head. This number doesn't change throughout your life, but the health and thickness of each strand depends on the right nutrients.

Every hair grows from the root: the dermal papilla is a collagen-based tissue that produces keratin, which makes up 97% of your hair. Like collagen, keratin is produced using a variety of amino acids, including cysteine, glutamic acid, and serine. Proline, glycine and methionine are also crucial. Blood flow in the scalp also plays a critical role in delivering nutrients to produce keratin.

The larger and healthier your roots are, the thicker your hair follicles, and the thicker your hair.

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